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»A business with history«

Markus Auer, managing director


August 1922

The master rope-maker Christian Ollerking, founded the Schleswig rigging factory on the outskirts of Schleswig.  Upon 24,000 square metres of land is the beginning of an ultra modern rope-making factory which produces rigging from hemp, sisa and manila. Its buyers are mainly involved in commercial shipping, the navy as well as many fishing enterprises and farmers throughout northern Germany.



After 1930 the production is expanded with articles like bags, carrying straps, hammocks and further technical fabrics. The first tarpaulins and covers for vehicles become a part of the production and later they are the sign for the firm. At that point in time the tarpaulins were made out of linen and cotton canvas.



Oellerking takes a look at the world.  From 1960 the firm begins with an international strategy.  For this purpose the facilities for the production capacity are enlarged upon, the technical fabrics can be processed from modern chemical fibres of high-grade quality.  Already at this time the OELLERKING Quality Tarpaulins for sea freight containers, railway wagons and commercial vehicles stand synonymously for quality and advancement.



Our „extended workbench“ Hansa Tex, founded as a subsidary company in 2000, is located in Cyestochowa in southern Poland.  It is here that the series production of tarpaulin systems for different purposes takes place.  Colleagues are assisted in their careful work by self-developed specialized machinery.  A screen printing plant for the labelling of large sized tarpaulins compliments the production range done by about 300 employees.



The firm OELLERKING Quality Tarpaulins is founded. The growing demand for vehicle tarpaulins with labels leads to the expansion of activities in Hamburg-Billbrook, one of the largest industrial areas and logistics center in Europe. At the same time the entire assortment for the container sector is kept secret and becomes centralized at this location.  A repair and service is also in the offering.



OELLERKING continues to grow! In the vicinity of Venlo (Netherlands) the firm OELLERKING Benelux is established. From here the technical sales activities in the Netherlands, Belgium and Great Britain are coordinated. OELLERKING is increasingly focusing on establishing itself as a systems supplier. So not only single components for the end users but also all related compatible systems in logistics are offered as well.



The Schleswig rigging manufacturer OELLERKING as a family company in the fourth generation with about 500 employees worldwide today produces and sells innovative products made of high quality technical fabrics which can be utilized in a wide variety of industries.

Key areas in particular are tarpaulins and covering systems for commercial vehicles, wagons and containers as well as in the areas of agriculture, the military and aviation industry and wind energy.





A guiding principle

Tradition-Innovation-Quality are the three pillars upon which our business policy rests.  Short paths to decisions, a flat structure in organization and also an oriented corporate culture based on public spirit and interaction are our distinguishing character qualities.

Furthermore, we hire competent and dedicated employees and accept an internal and external social responsibility.

»Tradition, Innovation, Quality«

Christian Oellerking, managing director


Schleswiger Tauwerkfabrik Oellerking GmbH

Margarethenwallstraße 7
24837 Schleswig
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Schleswiger Tauwerkfabrik Oellerking GmbH

Werner-Siemens-Straße 99
D-22113 Hamburg - Billbrook
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