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»You've got the goods to transport - we've got the experience!«

Reimer Lüders, product manager

We have the safety of your transport goods at heart.

In order to accomplish this we work only with the best materials in order to provide excellent protection for your high-grade transport goods against influences of weather and damage due to condensation. Oellerking's quality management garantees that only qualitative high-grade materials are brought into action  and are subjected to an ongoing check during the production.

Individual solutions require specific approaches with regards to their purpose of use and the most favourable conditions for the load. The loading and unloading of the wagon is accomplished with the best results using an easy to serve as well as durable sliding hood.

Working together with you is especially important to us.

We already have many years of experience in the construction and manufacturing of wagon tarpaulins and as a result we have continuously developed our hoods  beyond the customary market standards.

The labelling of the wagon tarpaulins is graphically developed and carried out by us, always in close cooperation with the client or the user of the vehicle.

Our product as a proficient system

In addition to our technical competence our international customers especially appreciate our accessories program:

  • tarpaulins for freight wagons like SHIMMNS, RILS, TAMS, HBIS, HIRRS
  • metal crossbars, carriages running rollers, latches for the front wall
  • an innovative sealing concept against water entry
  • protective cuffs for wheelset shafts

SHIMMNS hood tarpaulins


crossbars and carriages
 EN 15085-2


HBIS side-sliding wall tarpaulins


sealing concept


anti-grafitti tarpaulins

clamping edge protection

»Is it art - or can we do away with it?«

Carolin Hänig, sales office


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