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»You've got an idea?  We'll make it a reality!«

Robert Laß, product manager

Quality tarpaulins in small quantities

So that your main idea glows for a long time:  With our digital print on Solidskin on the tarpaulins we offer a long lasting product with a glossy coat and which allows for significantly reduced soiling.  The quality tarpaulins can be used both for advertiisements on vehicles as well as advertising banners.


Labelling and advertising technology

The correct attraction of your product and its communication messages are enormously important  .For this reason we give special attention to the design as well as the image presentation.  We value the highest quality of images, and in this manner we perfect the brand image externally.


Construction and advertising signs

We manufacture construction and advertising signs according to your individual specification  Our grafics team will gladly advise you in the realization pertaining to your wishes.

Our services: Our offer includes consultation, the design and the realization of all labelling work.

vehicle labels
digital printing on foil
labelling of tarpaulins
big prints / advertising banners
advertising signs
design work